Hot business ideas in Zimbabwe

Below are the hot business ideas in Zimbabwe:

  1. Microfinance and money lending
  2. Mining gold on a partnership basis
  3. Taxi business in major cities
  4. Fastfood business
  5. Web development, hosting and internet solutions
  6. Flea markets
  7. Wedding venues especially garden weddings
  8. Business consulting
  9. Company registrations
  10. Accounting services
  11. Construction services – hey people are building homes
  12. Clothing shops – but this one is flooded.
  13. Car importing services
  14. Training, seminars and workshops



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8 Responses to “Hot business ideas in Zimbabwe”

  1. tee

    Nov 16. 2012

    how much of capital will i require to start a fastfood business

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    • Kudzi

      Apr 08. 2013

      It depends with the food types you will offer. What you need to do is come up with list of food products you can sell and determine the equipment needed in cooking and storage. You also need funds for licensing, rent, salaries and wages. Essentially create a business plan and it will determine how much capital you will need. You can always start small and grow.

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  2. keegan nyathi

    Apr 04. 2013


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  3. elaz

    Apr 22. 2013

    I wud like to open a cosmetic shop but ave never been in business before can any1 please help with advice especially those who are in the field already.

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    • taps caesar

      Nov 13. 2013

      Have you considered instead of opening a stand-alone cosmetics shop which may be costly off hand. Approach existing shops which offer a complimentary product/service to your cosmetics products i.e. hair salons to carry your line or range of cosmetics in a display cabinet where you pay an agreed rental fee for the space you use. As a marketing tool you offer customers samples/invite them to test your products in order to familiarize themselves with it and you, thus growing your customer base to a level where you’ll open a cosmetics shop not necessarily because you “would like to” but because you would HAVE to for your business and it’s customers.

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  4. Just like business coaching, a marketing coach solely concentrated on the way you market your business.Better business now can teach you how to generate more of the customers you want, more profit from doing business with them.

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  5. tapiwa

    Nov 17. 2013

    i could like to start a micro finance company,how do i go about it and how much start up capital is required.

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