Entrepreneurship support can help grow Zimbabwe’s economy

In recent years, all over the world, the promotion of entrepreneurship as an insurrection to solving numerous economic and social challenges facing developing countries has been receiving significant attention by, governments, policy makers and the academic fraternity. Notwithstanding the attention that has been given, little has been done in trying to empower aspiring entrepreneurs and those ... Continue Reading →
stone trap - entrepreneurship tactics

Is getting a job a challenge? – Here is 21st century career advice for college students

I have met a lot of recent graduates who have graduated from universities and colleges with good grades and they are, unfortunately, finding themselves in the streets without jobs. It’s really regrettable that you would have spent time and money investing into a qualification that you can not make money from, I mean a degree or diploma you monetise. It’s sad, isn’t? Ok we ... Continue Reading →

From poor to rich – How much sweat it takes from zero to billionaire [Infographic]

How much sweat it takes from zero to billionaire, check out the infographic below on how billionaires became billionaire. Click here to enlarge Source: fundersandfounders.com; Infographic by Anna Vital Continue Reading →

How startup funding works

Here is an interesting infographic by Anna Vital on how startup funding works. Enlarge image by clicking here Continue Reading →
Small Business Loans

Small business loans in Zimbabwe

Are you struggling to fund your business? The Small and Medium Enterprises Association of Zimbabwe has its Savings and Credit Cooperative Society offering affordable small business loans to Zimbabwean SMEs. They say security (where necessary) does not have to be title deeds. But you have to save first with SACCOS before you can gain access to SME loans. Here is their concept, quite innovative ... Continue Reading →
Entrepreneurship 101 Donald Trump

11 Essential Entrepreneurial Power Skills learned from Donald Trump

I have started reading Michael E. Gordon‘s book, Entrepreneurship 101 – How to turn your ideas into a money machine, and so far so good. In the book Gordon asserts that entrepreneurship is not genetic. It can be learned. He says successful entrepreneurs have acquired the skills, knowledge, and experiences to make their bold visions happen. The 11 Essential Entrepreneurial Power ... Continue Reading →

Avoid the ugly baby syndrome when starting a business – Entrepreneur tips

Sometimes entrepreneurs fall in love with their idea even if it’s a really bad idea. This is typical of any being that bears an offspring. Even humans fall in love with their new babies although everyone knows that newborns are ugly. So when starting a business here are a few heads-up. In entrepreneurship you cannot afford to fall into blind love, it’s very costly and it can ... Continue Reading →
Online training for entrepreneurs

Are you looking for entrepreneurship training?

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Restaurant runners

The entrepreneur journey of Chantelle Lovell – A lesson in making a comeback

“Go to school and work hard so you can get a good job and keep it.” That has been the Zimbabwean formula for success. At least that was the case before the economic crisis of the early 2000s. If you met a Zimbabwean a decade and a half ago, he or she would have probably quoted it with conviction. Now it has evolved to replacing “getting a good job and keeping it for life” with “becoming ... Continue Reading →
MileyCyrus_we make mistakes

Miley Cyrus inspirational quotes for entrepreneurs

Here are few quotes from Miley Cyrus to inspire you If you believe in yourself anything is possible. You can’t live a positive life with a negative mind and if you have a positive outcome you have a positive income and just to have more positivity and just to kind of laugh it off. I don’t want to be perfect, but I do want to be a role model. My mom always tells me that ... Continue Reading →