50+ Awesome Free Tools for Entrepreneurs and Startups

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2015 hot business ideas in Zimbabwe

  Hope you have started 2015 under great inspiration and you already knocking down those goals. I am having a gig! Now here is to 2015 business success with the hot business ideas that you can exploit. Remember (check out the article here): Start with means at hand At an affordable loss – if you lose or fail on the venture you embark on be willing and able to swallow the loss. Review ... Continue Reading →

Weird business idea: Methane backpacks for cows

This is the “weirdest” innovation I have ever seen: methane backpacks for cows. Looking to address the fact that methane released into the atmosphere is damaging to the environment, each backpack is designed to collect 1,200 liters of various gases emitted by an individual cow each day. The pack is then taken to a lab to separate the 250 to 300 liters of methane contained inside. The ... Continue Reading →

5 Awesome Reasons Why Creating Your Own Mastermind Group Will Be the Best Thing You Have Ever Done

For those that are on EntrepreneurCrunch email list (sign up below for exclusive content), I have talked about the importance of being in a mastermind group. You may ask what is a mastermind group? A mastermind group is a collection of 3-7 creative individuals who meet on a regular basis to help one another reach their fullest potential. Sometimes we just need to be accountable to someone ... Continue Reading →
2015 inspirational quotes

Be inspired in 2015 – Inspirational quotes for you to take action

  Here are some inspirational quotes for you in 2015! The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake – you can’t learn anything from being perfect. – Adam Osborne The secret of getting ahead is getting started. – Agatha Christie I’ve always worked very, very hard, and the harder I worked, the luckier I got. – Alan Bond One doesn’t discover new lands without ... Continue Reading →
entrepreneurship tips

16 Entrepreneurship Tips Learned From Mixergy

Here are some of my top takeaways from the great interviews from where Andrew Warner talks to entrepreneurs to learn how they built successful companies. Make friends with everyone because you don’t know who they will become. -Jay Shapiro All things being equal, people want to do business with their friends. -John Romaniello Marketplaces frequently beat vertically integrated ... Continue Reading →

So I am starting a startup – Part 1

It’s been a while. I have had a blast the last two months. So I have been working on a startup (name? not to yet to be revealed…bear with me) and you know here blog about starting a business and how to find viable business ideas, so I had to challenge myself to apply these principles in real life. In coming up with this business idea, here is the framework I used to select one. ... Continue Reading →
Jeff Mulaudzi on tour

Jeff Mulaudzi, a young South African entrepreneur, doing it big with bicycles

  Sir Richard Branson once said, “Opportunities are like buses – there’s always another one coming!”. In his own respect he was right, BUT in the case of young Jeffrey Mulaudzi, a 22 years old chap, from Alexandria, a town in Johannesburg, South Africa, Sir Richard Branson is WRONG. Here is another charged and inspirational entrepreneurial success story from ... Continue Reading →
product-market-fit-in a startup

Don’t run of capital in your startup, find this…

Today, I am just going to give a few tips about starting a business. It’s what’s called product-market fit versus startup capital. When you start a business, whether it’s clothing boutique or a fast food restaurant, you have to be generating revenue enough to cover your costs before you run out of capital. Most startup businesses have failed not because their business ... Continue Reading →
Gonjetso Chinyama Anzisha Price nominee

Out of Malawi a young African entrepreneur rises, Gonjetso Chinyama

Here is an inspiring story of a Young African entrepreneur: At age 21, this young Malawian, Gonjetso Chinyama is the founder and CEO of Pakwathu, a website that allows users to search and access resources online for properties. These properties includes houses and farmlands that are for sale or letting in Malawi. Gonjetso Chinyama, is a final year student of Management Information Systems ... Continue Reading →